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Great Taste Freedom

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Great Taste Freedom Cycling

Adult bikes from $30 NZD
Child bikes from $10 NZD


Book bikes for a half day or full day freedom hire, riding flat off-road trails. When you arrive, we'll give you maps and help you design your trip. Below are some ideas for things to do.

We also offer a wine cycling package and a beer cycling package


Half day trip ideas


Family-Friendly Monaco Loop

  • An easy half day option riding a flat on-trail loop. Ideal for the little ones

  • Stop at 3 playgrounds, a country-style pub with sheltered garden, and a sea-side village

  • Pics Peanut Butter factory is also on this route.
    Free tours, booking required

  • Distance max 14 km


Explore Stoke

  • An easy half day option visiting our neighbours in Stoke

  • Visit the World of Wearablearts

  • Book a tour at Pics Peanut Butter Factory

  • Visit McCashins Brewery, Kitchen & Bar

  • Distance 10 km

  • Love beer? Check out our beer cycling package



  • Cycle into the flat countryside closest to our base

  • Enjoy a wine-tasting

  • Includes some cycling on roads, not recommended for kids

  • Distance 20 km

  • Love wine? Check out our wine cycling package


Full day trip ideas


Wine, Food & Landscape

  • Cycle the flat Great Taste Trail Rail Route to Brightwater or Wakefield

  • Optional loop route available

  • Visit wineries, cafes, breweries & cheese shop

  • Includes some cycling on roads to visit wineries, not recommended for kids

  • Distance 28 km to 44 km return


Rabbit Island Beach

  • Cycle the flat Great Taste Trail Coastal Route to Rabbit Island beach

  • Enjoy the estuary views

  • Pack a picnic, as there are no cafes near the beach

  • Easy off road trail

  • Distance 32 km return


Marvellous Mapua

  • Cycle the flat Great Taste Trail Coastal Route to Mapua

  • Take the Mapua Ferry on the way

  • Explore the wharf with cafes & galleries

  • Easy road trail

  • Great electric bike option

  • Distance 44 km return


What’s open on the trail today?

  • Explore this area using the interactive map below. Use the + to zoom right in and explore the landscape on the trail

  • Click on the markers for opening hours and on the route lines for more information