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Eating on the Great Taste Trail

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Eating on the Great Taste Trail


While cycling the Great Taste Trail, you can visit an enticing range of restaurants, breweries, cafes, wineries, and artisan food producers. Behind each of these places, is the vision and energy of extraordinary people. Visiting these places and meeting their people, creates a richer experience of Nelson.

We would like to thank Neil Hodgson for the content of many of these articles.


McCashins Brewery Kitchen and Bar

While cycling along the Railway Reserve Cycleway near the Great Taste Trail in central Stoke, it’s just a very short detour to Mc Cashins.

Stoke Brewery

Located in the same premises as McCashins, the Stoke Brewery is part of the McCashin family heritage.

Kaimira Estates

Kaimira Estates is an organic winery located just a few minutes by bike from Brightwater village on the Great Taste Trail Rail Route.


Grape Escape Café

This rural café is located just 5 minutes off the Great Taste Trail Rail Route at Appleby.

Falcon Ridge Estate

In August 2017, a Falcon Ridge Estate Syrah style wine won a national award at a prestigious NZ wine competition.

La Capilla

This charming restaurant specialises in Mediterranean style food and is the passion project of a talented Japanese chef.


Wangapeka Cheese

The Wangapeka Cheese shop is the retail store for these wonderful locally made cheeses. 

Jellyfish Restaurant & Bar

Located in the coastal village of Mapua, right on the Great Taste Trail, this restaurant has been built on the theme of a seaside place to dine while enjoying the birdlife and changing tides.

Mapua Country Store

The Mapua Country Store is another foodie destination brimming with local treats.


Rimu Wine Bar

Rimu Wine Bar is located on the old wharf in Mapua, on the Great Taste Trail Coastal Route. 

The Smoking Barrel

Located in the township of Motueka on the Great Taste Trail Coastal Route, The Smoking Barrel offers a menu that includes slow barbecue smoked meats and seafood, and a huge range of disgustingly delicious donuts.

Hop Federation

Hop Federation is a lively boutique brewery in the village of Riwaka, on the Great Taste Trail Coastal Route.


T.O.A.D Hall Store & Cafe

T.O.A.D Hall is located in an old church with quite a history, right on the Great Taste Trail, at the southern end of the town of Motueka.

The Townsend Brewery

A family friendly micro-brewery located to compliment the atmosphere at Toad Hall café in Motueka, right on the Great Taste Trail.

Ginger Dynamite Cafe

Ginger Pop, award-winning smoked fish pies, and great coffee are some of the specialities of this red container-cafe. 


Dunbar Estates

Hodgson meets a couple who have turned a run down farm into a winery, café and tasting room, popular with cyclists, located in rural Ngatimoti.

Moutere Hills Vineyard, Café & Winery

Just a few beautiful cycling minutes from the Upper Moutere village, Hodgson discovers a winery with tantalising wines to sup on and a delightful garden setting that begs relaxation, food and fine wine.

Peckham’s Cider

Alex and Caroline Peckham talk with Hodgson about their role in establishing Nelson as the centre of cider making in this country.


Neudorf Vineyards

Neudorf is a premiere vineyard located near the village of Upper Moutere. 

Moutere Inn

Located in the village of Upper Moutere the Moutere Inn is recognised as New Zealand’s oldest pub in its original building.

Riverside Cafe

This special cafe is set in the grounds of Riverside Community, the oldest alternative community in NZ. 


The Old Post Office

Another little gem in the village of Upper Moutere, The Old Post Office is home to gourmet preserves, a textile design gallery and more

Boatshed Mapua

Eating at the Boatshed Mapua is a fine dining experience, virtually on the sand.   

The Honesty Box

Seasonal fruit stalls with payment via a coin-in-the-slot (honesty box) are common here during the fruit season.