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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the best time of year to cycle the Great Taste Trail?
    • Peak cycling season is through Spring and summer, but Nelson enjoys a relatively mild and pleasant climate year-round. Autumn is typically cooler than summer, with lots of sunshine and without sea breezes. Winter still treats us to lots of fresh yet sunny weather. We get rain and cold snaps in all four seasons so pack accordingly.
  • How do I get to Nelson?
    • Nelson airport is close to Nelson CBD and our base. Many people drive here and we provide off-street parking upon request. Bus / coach options are available from other companies. We provide passenger shuttles from Nelson CBD / airport as part of our multi-day tour packages. You can also book a shuttle from Nelson (or further away) for our single day tours (subject to distance and availability).
  • Can we deliver bikes to our accommodation?
    • Yes, we can deliver bikes to you and also shuttle you to / from many locations around the wider Nelson / Tasman area. Charges are based upon the distances covered.
  • What happens if we have a mechanical issue on our tour?
    • Our bikes are checked and serviced after every ride, but in the case of a mechanical issue we will attend to your bike as soon as our schedule allows. We recommend that at least one person in your group is competent at fixing or changing an inner tube.
  • Will I have phone reception around the Great Taste Trail?
    • Most of the 200km circuit has strong mobile phone coverage. There are some areas in remote locations (the Baton Bridge extension in particular), where different mobile networks have limited or no reception.
  • Do I need to be very fit to go cycle touring?
    • It is important to tell us about the fitness of the members of your group so we can guide you to the most suitable tour options. We recommend that you prepare as best you can, riding on off-road trails as well as sealed surfaces. We suggest E-bikes for those without a lot of recent cycling fitness and for people who are not used to cycling on consecutive days.
  • Should I hire an E-bike?
    • Our e-bikes are very popular so booking ahead is recommended to prevent you from missing out. Our E-bikes have pedal assist systems, which means you need to pedal frequently. The motor quietly makes the job easier for you and there are different power modes to assist more for hills, wind and fatigue.
  • How far can my E-bike go? The distance is relative to your weight (including bags, water etc.), trail gradient, wind, rain, the way you pedal and the power mode you select. Efficient cyclists who are light, ride in eco mode and stick to flatter trails can go over 100km on one charge.
  • Are E-bikes safe?
    • All of our E-bikes are limited to 32kph. The disc brakes, knobbly tyres and suspension forks are more than suitable for the terain of the Great Taste Trail. All cycle riding has inherent risks, ensure you take care at all times on your tour.
  • Can I bring my own pedals?
    • We are able to provide a pedal wrench for you to change our standard pedals to your own before you depart
  • Is there a weight limit for my luggage?
    • Whilst we don’t enforce a strict luggage weight limit like some companies choose to, we politely request that you do not bring excessive luggage with you on your tour.
  • Are there toilets and water stations around the Great Taste Trail?
    • The toilets are clearly marked on the Great Taste Trail map. Water stations are limited so we recommend carrying sufficient water for each day, being mindful of the extra fluids required whilst cycling in warm weather.
  • Is the Trail easy to follow?
    • Most cyclists find the dark blue signs and markers very easy to follow. We recommend that you download the Great Rides app before you begin your tour. Available for free here
  • What happens if we have a medical emergency?
    • Always ring 111 first and notify us as soon as it is convenient. We recommend carrying your own personal first aid kit. For minor medical issues, we may be able to assist when resources allow, but please be aware that we are often out supporting other groups and won’t always be able to respond to you immediately.
  • What happens if the weather gets really bad?
    • Nelson is not always sunny, so be prepared for four seasons in one day. In the case of extreme weather events or damage to the trail, we will be notified by the Trail Manager and then liaise with you to make suitable arrangements.

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