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Ginger Dynamite


Sited in Riwaka, right on the Great Taste Trail, this cafe is sure to be a favourite.

Formerly sited just down the road in the little village of Riwaka, this cafe has literally risen from the flames. The building which Ginger Dynamite was originally housed in was destroyed by fire some time ago, forcing Brad and his team to find a new home. Happily, Brad's creativity and energy got the business up and running fairly quickly, homed in a bright red container just down the road.

In fact, there are now two containers on the site, with one housing an eclectic offering of sofas and tables for dining. The other houses the kitchen and serving area and here, Brad somehow manages to produce the fabulous cakes, pastries, pies and more which are his signature dishes. Ginger Pop is also a signature product - and very good it is too.

Ginger Dynamite sits next door to an orchard stall selling real fruit icecreams, so there is something for everyone here. And just to complete the triumvirate, Hop Federation Brewery is right across the road.