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About us

Passion. Experience. Diligence.

About us

A little about us


When you visit us at The Gentle Cycling Company, you will be welcomed by a bunch of people who are passionate about Nelson. For us, travelling by bike is the best way to really get to know a place. 


Our Team


Rose Griffin

The boss

Rose likes nothing better than helping visitors to get on a bike and explore Nelson. For her, the landscape and beauty of this area are a constant inspiration. When establishing The Gentle Cycling Company in 2009, it was early days for cycle tourism in NZ. Many kiwis, including herself, had cycled the Otago Rail Trail and dreamed of a similar trail in their own regions. So when the Prime Minister announced a project to develop more multi day NZ cycle trails, she was the first in Nelson to jump on board. For Rose and her team, providing a "peace of mind" cycling experience is what it's all about. From the pre-trip information, to the equipment, the detailed topographic-style route maps, and the warm communication, this is a company to whom details really matter. 

Prior to starting this business, Rose had a long career in Art Education and as an exhibiting artist before establishing a ceramics studio, producing domestic ceramics which were sold in galleries and design stores around NZ. Her former workshop and gallery are now the site of The Gentle Cycling Company.


Judith Ritchie

Customer service and driver

Judith is the person who knows everything there is to know about our single day and half day trips on the trail. She keeps track of the opening hours of all the wineries, cafes and other tasty places along the route and helps cyclists to plan their cycling day. Judith is also a licensed passenger driver and helps with bag and passenger shuttles out on the trail. Judith has a background in the Visual Arts and specialises in Screen Printing. When cycling, Judith prefers to wear a frock and to ride one of our purple three speed classics. 


Felix Laufcotter

Fix it Felix

We are very lucky to have Felix as our "on-call" bike mechanic. Felix's bike workshop is a pristine wonder-land of bike tools, and his attention to detail is legendary. This is no doubt one of the main reasons he has been the bike mechanic with the NZ Paracycling team in Italy in August 2018. Felix is a treasure. Enough said!


Ferry van Mansum

Driver and general useful guy

Ferry is a Dutch Kiwi who has been living in Nelson for many years. At The Gentle Cycling Company, he is generally found behind the wheel, helping to transport passengers and bags along the trail.  Ferry is an experienced traveller, having wandered around Europe in his younger days and more recently, he lived and taught in China. He speaks a multitude of languages and is often heard chatting to customers in their home language.  Ferry cycles a lot, and goes fast.