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Cycle Camping on the Great Taste Trail


Are you a newbie to cycle touring with your own camping gear? If yes, this is for you.

We’re delighted with our new Avanti E-bike fleet which gives you so much reassurance that you’ll get to your destination, regardless of a head wind or how you might be feeling. The bikes can be loaded up with our waterproof panniers, a small (alpine size) tent and we’ll suggest campgrounds along the route to ease you into the experience. It’s easy and a sure way to find your freedom! It will leave you with some lungs full of fresh air, some Vitamin D on your body and a smile on your face.


Gentle Cycling will provide:

  • Avanti E-bike – electric assist (yes, you still have to pedal the bike)

  • Helmet (or bring your own)

  • Lock

  • Puncture repair kit – you’ll need to know how to how to replace a tube if you get a flat tyre

  • Maps and a map holder that attaches to your handlebars (so you can navigate while riding)

  • Panniers ($5 per pannier per day, we suggest you hire two for balanced weight distribution). Ortlieb waterproof panniers can hold up to 40 litres of gear. They securely clip onto the bike rack and can be easily lifted off with a carry handle when you arrive at your destination.

  • Emergency support – we’ve got your back, so if you have any emergencies crop up we’re just a phone call away.

Things to pack – what you bring:

  • small tent

  • sleeping mat e.g. I use a Thermarest light weight inflatable mat cut for the curvy female physic

  • sleeping bag e.g. I use a Sea to Summit down bag – it’s super light weight and packs down real small

  • your bowl, spork (spoon, fork, knife in one), pocket knife and cup (morning coffee/tea)

  • your cycling clothes, a lightweight rain/wind jacket even if it’s Summer (I use Ground Effect’s Storm Trooper) and shoes (sand shoes or runners are fine)

  • a change of footwear e.g. Teva sandals are great to air out your feet at the end of a hot day and give your cycling shoes a dry out

  • a change of clothes

  • togs and towel (if you’re planning on enjoying the swimming)

  • your credit card to eat out – after all you are on holiday and might still want to experience the best of our wine, beer and food offerings along the Great Taste Trail

  • cash – for the road side stalls selling fresh tree-ripened fruit and other produce of the season

  • sunblock and insect repellent


Our Avanti E-bikes are designed to assist you up to a speed of 25-32 kph. You can expect to travel an easy 20-25 km per hour on the Great Taste Trail. This gives you ample time to enjoy the scenery and tasty places along the trail. Most people are comfortable travelling 40-60 km per day. With a fully charged battery run on Eco (smallest amount of assistance) you can expect to travel up to 125 km. If you travel on high (maximum assist) you can expect to travel up to 50 km before needing to re-charge your battery. Each bike comes with a charger (800 grams) and this is best done at the end of each day’s journey. Our Bosch PowerPack 400 takes:

  • 1.5 hours to provide a 50% charge

  • 3.5 hours to provide a 100% charge

Our lithium-ion batteries are best topped up after every day trip. Your camp ground will have a power supply in the kitchen where you could do this.

Start with the Coastal Classic

There is no need to cook when camping if you enjoy the road-side fruit stalls (bring cash $5 or $2 coins), cafes and dinner venues along the way. You will find excellent camp grounds with bathrooms and kitchens in Mapua, Motueka and Kaiteriteri. This is not freedom camping!

We have a variety of multi-day cycling trips for you to consider. If it’s your very first one we suggest trying the Coastal Classic which follows the coastline and has a couple of small sections to get you elevated to enjoy the spectacular views along the way. There is also an option to stay two nights based in Mapua so you get a day in the Moutere; home of fabulous family owned wineries, NZ’s oldest pub and a lunchtime restaurant that offers the best of our local produce. It will also give you some more countryside km’s under your belt.

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