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Great Taste Trail Update


Keen to reconnect with the wonderful Great Taste Trail, we have been making every effort to cycle different sections over the past week. Not only has the sunshine returned with a vengeance, but we’re pleased to report that the track is mostly dry and unscathed from the recent flood event.

Rabbit island is still as stunning as ever and the sperm whale carcass has returned to Tangaroa / the ocean

The Mapua ferry is not running in the week unfortunately, so we only got to view the wharf-side town from a distance.

However, whilst enjoying the sun drenched views, we were treated to the company of this curious Weka (below). Many birds have begun nesting already and Rabbit Island is an important breeding site for these cheeky native birds. Keeping the island dog free gives these birds a greater chance of rearing young from their shallow nesting sites underground and in rotting trees. Many birds and fish live in this ecologically significant area  so please explore responsibly

The section of the trail below is next to the Waimea river swing bridge. It was damaged significantly during the recent flood event, which saw huge volumes of water drain from the wider catchment area. The original boardwalk was washed away so the one featured below is the replacement which was created in quick time to reconnect Rabbit Island / Mapua to Nelson.

Again, a huge thank you to those involved in maintaining this trail. Not only do people travel from all corners of the globe to cycle sections of this trail (when travel restrictions allow), but of all the Great Rides, the GTT has the highest proportion of local cyclists using it year round.

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